Virtual Power Plants: A Revolution in the Renewable Energy Sector

Distributed generation (DG) of electrical energy generated through photovoltaic panels According to ABSOLAR (2023), the solar energy sector, in Brazil, generated R$33 billion in investments in the first half of 2023, accumulating more than R$170 billion in new investments since 2012, R$47.9 billion in taxes generating one million jobs accumulated. Avoiding the emission of 42.8 […]

Inflation Reduction Act: An Opportunity for Solar Energy

The recent approval in the United States of the Inflation Reduction Act marks a significant turning point in addressing both inflationary and climate issues plaguing the country. This legislation, enacted in August 2022, not only aims to combat inflation but also revolutionizes the energy landscape by providing a support platform for the expansion of solar […]

Eos and the Future of Solar Energy in the United States

Driven by increasing environmental awareness and the search for sustainable alternatives to traditional energy sources, solar energy has become an increasingly relevant and promising source of power in the United States. From photovoltaic panels to ultra-thin films and solar tiles, there is a wide range of innovations that are revolutionizing the sector and contributing to […]

How to Use the Eos Platform for Your Solar or Home Improvement Project

How to Use the EOS Platform for Your Solar or Home Improvement Project

Like you, many solar and home improvement companies are looking for good financing options that suit their clients’ needs. There are a variety of options available, but most are  “traditional” financing products, such as solar and home improvement loans. While these products have become widely available and are easy to apply for, they are largely […]

What is Solar Energy Financing and How Does it Work?

In recent years, we have witnessed impressive growth in the adoption of solar energy worldwide. Here in the United States, it has been no different. Solar energy financing has made the adoption of this clean and renewable energy viable, benefiting solar installation businesses and the general population. Continue reading this article to explore the concept […]