How to Use the Eos Platform for Your Solar or Home Improvement Project

How to Use the EOS Platform for Your Solar or Home Improvement Project

Like you, many solar and home improvement companies are looking for good financing options that suit their clients’ needs.

There are a variety of options available, but most are  “traditional” financing products, such as solar and home improvement loans. While these products have become widely available and are easy to apply for, they are largely all the same. There has been a lack of innovation from lenders, leaving room for improvement and modernization.

On the other hand, a significant portion of capital providers – specifically credit unions and banks – in the United States do not offer options within the solar and home improvement segments that can be taken advantage of at the point of sale. This could be attributed to their lack of understanding regarding the associated risks or simply because they do not see this as a priority. In fact, over 97% of potential capital providers are not involved in the solar energy space!

As a credit marketplace and a cleantech platform, Eos Loan is actively establishing partnerships with capital providers across the country. Our primary goal is to unlock a wider range of financing options and cost savings for homeowners, enabling them to make more informed, affordable, and sustainable choices.

While we continue to work on these product developments, you can certainly register to gain early access to our platform. By doing so, you will be among the first to benefit from more affordable and innovative solar and home improvement financing options. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make the most of our cutting-edge offerings as soon as they become available!

How do I register on the Eos platform?

To start using the Eos platform, you need to complete a quick registration process. Access the registration page at this link and fill in the requested information, such as personal and company information. 

The process is simple, and our team is ready to guide and review your registration to grant full access.

The registration process gives you restricted access to the platform in order for you to complete your personal and company information within My Information under your Profile tab.

Only when that information is complete will we review it and approve your full access to the platform.

Make sure to have all your personal and company information ready so that you can start adding projects sooner rather than later.

Adding Projects

Once your approval is granted, you will gain access to start adding projects to the platform. This feature enables us to exchange crucial information about the opportunities you may have. Through this exchange of information, we can identify the best financing fit tailored to your customer’s specific needs. It’s a collaborative process aimed at ensuring you receive the most suitable financing options for your solar and home improvement projects.

There are three very basic steps to adding projects to our Platform, and they require basic information about the project.

1. Select the Type of Project

If it is a solar project, you will be required to enter historical consumption from the customer and projected production for the solar system.

If it is a home improvement project, just select the type of home improvement and the estimated financing amount. In other words, how much the customer is seeking to fund the project or how much you priced it.

2. Provide Customer Information

Now it is time to provide the customers’ information, and here again, only basic information suffices. It is important, though, that you fill this out to the best of your ability when interacting with the customer.

3. Provide Customer Documentation

The last step is really just providing documents, such as the electricity bill for solar projects, for example, or any other relevant document for home improvement projects as well.

Finding financing options

Now it’s time to find the right financing to offer your clients.

With the Eos platform, you will find credit options that are perfectly compatible with each client’s needs. You will also be able to visualize the proposal installments and submit all the final documents to the capital providers.

The formalization process is straightforward, allowing for a more attractive and transparent approach with your clients. The fact is that the Eos platform was designed to offer a straightforward experience, enabling a clear understanding of the financing process and all its peculiarities.

We will also be in touch with you through our partners support team, helping you every step of the way so that you may unlock that financing option that is more adequate and affordable to your customers.

The power of the Eos platform in the current solar energy landscape

The growing demand for renewable energy sources, coupled with technological advances, has driven the solar energy market to reach new levels of expansion.

In this scenario, solar contractors have the possibility of connecting consumers and photovoltaic systems, but they face challenges such as streamlining processes, obtaining financing, and offering competitive proposals.

However, the current interest rate scenario has driven financing costs way up, affecting the market and making customers rethink financing all together.

Traditional solutions like solar loans are driving up fees and rates and are unable to maintain conditions for contractors at this time. So new and innovative solutions are much welcomed.

Expansion of partnerships through Eos Academy

Our expansion plan at this point is an invitation to contractors to learn more and test our platform with early access, as much as it is an effort to train you so that you can learn much more about all these new opportunities. 

That is why we launched the Eos Academy. We are currently producing so much content, not only about our platform but also about the world of financing, solar, and home improvement in all aspects, so that we may add as much value to you as we can in the very near future.

Affordable financing rates

At Eos Loan, we made it our purpose to make homeowners lives better by making their sustainable choices easier and more affordable.

Affordability in financing options today is the key to attracting more customers and driving sales way up with innovative solutions and true partnerships.

Greater precision in analysis

With all the intelligence we are gathering on the Eos platform through our partners and our own experience, you will obtain more precise information and detailed analyses regarding the progress of requested financing options.

This allows for a better understanding in cases where the approval is not accepted, as the integrator can analyze what needs to be changed so that the client can have the solar or home improvement project on their property.

The time to register on the Eos platform is now

With all this knowledge about the Eos platform, it is clear that you, as a contractor, can also take advantage of all the benefits it offers, right?

Do not miss the opportunity to register on the platform that brings together the leading professionals in the US solar energy sector. Click here to become an Eos partner.

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We invite you to always come back to our Eos Academy platform and check out more articles that we, from Eos Loan, have produced about the financing, solar, and home improvement worlds.

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