We make homeowners' lives better by making their choices more sustainable and affordable.

We are Eos Loan, a Credit Marketplace

that connects the right capital provider and financing solution to contractors and end-customers looking to go solar or fund their next home improvement project.

For Homeowners

Unlock more financing options and savings

Access affordable, reliable, and clean renewable energy by choosing solar power or get that home improvement project completed, while enjoying cost savings through multiple financial options and a hassle-free approval process. Choose the best option for you.

For Contractors

Boost your

We partner with contractors, platforms, product distributors and manufacturers to unlock more financial options and savings for all customers in the renewable and home improvement spaces.

As a result of our technology and product innovation, we believe we can double your sales just by offering more financing options and approving better terms to your customers.

For Capital Providers

Grow in the solar and home improvement markets

Capital providers can leverage a low-cost channel with no marketing or origination costs, access the fast-growing ESG market, enable capillarity and cross-selling opportunities, ensure qualified lead origination with risk-adjusted returns, implement effective credit risk management and fraud mitigation measures, and maintain installation quality monitoring.

About Us

Courage to make
a difference

We believe its not a matter of choosing if you can make a difference, but rather, that we must make a difference. Our company was founded on the premise that we have to act. The urgency to deploy more sustainable choices is evident everyday on the news and outlets.

And we believe that every customer is going to drive that change by making more sustainable choices. Learn more about us and how we drive economic, social, and corporate responsibility across every action we take

Proud Members

We want to transform our industry for the better

As active members of the Solar Energy Industry Association, Eos Loan takes part in group meetings and collaborates within working groups dedicated to advancing the industry. We actively share pratical knowledge and tap into expertise on compliance matters, all of which contribute to upholding our commitment to the highest industry standards.

Specialized Content for Technical, Executive, and Sales Professionals

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The Eos Impact

See how Eos makes a difference in the quality of life for our partners and clients.

7.200.000 kWh of Clean Energy Produced

Generating sustainable impact: 7.200.000 kWh of clean energy produced.

2.946 Metric Tons of CO2 Avoided

Environmental commitment: 2.946 metric tons of CO2 avoided through our efforts.

Equivalent to +409 Trees Planted

Empowering a brighter future with less carbon in our atmosphere.

Our ESG Commitment.

The relevance of ESG thinking and attitude is increasing. Taking action in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is no longer optional but mandatory for a better world. By investing in solar energy and financing through our platform, you not only support the ESG theme but also become an integral part of it. Together for a better world.